Address Climate Change on a Global Scale

Address Climate Change on a Global Scale

 There are two large camps on Climate Change. Those that believe it is true and those that don’t. Yet I believe we all can agree that continuing to put more emissions into the air and contaminating our land and sea is not a good thing.

 As the poorer economies develop, pollution will increase on a global scale. It is urgent that the U.S.A. increase research and development to scale up renewable and clean sources of energy. This technology will need to be spread across the globe to reduce emissions worldwide.

 We are bogged down in continual war in the Middle East. Why?  This is in large part due to global oil supply security. It is in our economic and security interest to reduce and eventually eliminate our need for fossil fuels. I promise you that I will make implementation of clean energy a high priority.

 Places like Florida may experience severe sea level rise in the near future. Elected officials need to plan now to minimize any impact sea level rise may have.  These plans need to be communicated, funded and implemented.

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