Provide for the Common Defense

Provide for the Common Defense


We spend over $ 604 billion on defense. That is 16% of the federal budget. As a point of reference, the federal government spends 15% of the budget on Medicare. In the 1970’s, 70% of Senate members were veterans. The current Congress only has 19% of its members that have served in our military.

In my years in the military and as an Iraq War veteran, I have seen huge amounts of money wasted and our service members injured or killed. I have seen high level decisions made based on politics, not sound military principles.

Many members of Congress tout their military and foreign affairs experience based on their Washington committee assignments. Committees and briefings are nice but it cannot replace Real Experience.

The world is more complicated than the media reports. Besides Middle East chaos, there are multiple threats on the horizon that can impact each of us directly and indirectly in the future. I promise to do my best to protect you and your family from threats both foreign and domestic. I also promise to use your tax dollars wisely and keep a watchful eye on the military industrial complex. 

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